Connecting 4 non-formal education

We are happy to announce that eematico is preparing a new event on non-formal education.

To register for participation at the free public event on the 7-th of July, starting 14.00 please fill in this form. Careful, there is a limited number of seats!


The event is created with the support of NGO Academy Austria as part of the Coomunity Led Events programme.

The main purpose of the event is to bring together specialists and experts in the field of non-formal education, from Romania and abroad to raise awareness and interest in the field of  non-formal education in Romania.

The secondary purpose is to create the opportunity for organizations in the field of non-formal education to connect, share experiences and know-how and create collaborations in Romania and across the borad.

It is a 2 day event thatwill take place on the 6-th and 7-th of July in Bucharest, at Nod-Makerspace.

The first day and first part of the second day  will be a closed workshop dedicated to 12 organizations from Romania and abroad, discussing and coming up with some answers to the 5 topics proposed:

On the afternoon of the second day, the event will opened to the public. A series of presentations and a pannel will bring to the attention of the public the results of the workshops as well as interesting perspectives from abroad.

A special guest form the United States of America, Bethany Kaylor, communications manager  @Girls Garage,  will be joining us for a videoconference at the end of the public event to present their work and perspectives on non-formal education.

Girls Garage is a nonprofit design and construction school for girls and gender-expansive youth ages 9-18. Founded in 2013. Girls Garage is the first-ever design and building workshop for female, non-binary and gender expansive youth in the United States.

Below is the agenda of the event as well as the introduction of the participants of the workshop on the first day. The event will be in English.

To register for participation at the free public event on the 7-th of July, starting 14.00 please fill in this formCareful, there is a limited number of seats!

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